Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions about FitClif platform and its participants. In case that you have additional questions don’t hesitate to ask via form below or send us an email to [email protected]

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Fitlife is the platform which includes web and mobile application and aim to bring better insight for the customers of supplements and weight management products. Also aim to promote effective dietary models, workout routines, to become day to day tool for sportmens, trainers and nutricionists.
Principal objectives of FitClif are to bring accurate and useful data for our app users. Providing the users with the necessary amount of information to help them make best possible decision regarding their health improvement.
FitClif Customer Satisfaction Rate (FCSR) is the index calculated automatically by our algorithm based on data from different sources including open marketplaces and private polls.
We can’t disclose the formula for the algorithm, for the matter to not to provide the ability for third party to manipulate the FCSR.
No, we are staying neutral to bring the objective results without the preference for any brand or manufacturer.
The answer is yes, for the reason that there are a lot of good products and the only way to bring that products to the public is to advertise it in one or another way, but the platform user will see that this is a paid advertisement.
We are working hard to bring the beta version of our API. As well as, FitClif badges and widgets for use by web masters and third party developers.
The plan for near future is to create open marketplace to join the participants, their needs and services. Also, we plan to provide the user certification on voluntary basis in form of testing to provide the additional layer of vetting for our trainers and nutricionists.