How to improve your health with easy and step by step.

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  • 02 May, 2020
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How to improve your health with easy and step by step.

Do you as many people want to have a healthy diet and trying to be in better shape employing different kind of workout routines? Are you looking to have better resting periods and improve your sleep? If you are continuously looking for this keep reading our article and discover how you can feel healthy with easy and step by step.

The way you are living is the key of everything in your life and this is in your hands how to reduce the risks of any disease, making slower the process of aging and start feeling better improving your overall health. Changes in your day to day activity is the most important factor to prevent heart disease, any form of cancer, obesity or diabetes. As always, big changes are often difficult to employ and to maintain. But, even small steps in the direction will bring noticeable results for yourself and will become as an initial stage of adopting healthy habits and to set your long term fitness goals.

In this article you will find the list of some habits which you could add to your day to day routine. Go through the list and decide which will work best for you. Select one or two of them to get done in first week. After you successfully adopted the routine add another couple for the next week. That does not mean that you should change your habits - repeat everything you have done past week and execute new ones. And stepping this way, adding couple new each week you will bring yourself to more healthy life. Some steps are belongs to workout routine other one to your nutrition and healthy diet. Let us start from nutrition?

Nutrition habits

  1. Drinking a glass of water is a great habit upon going for a walk. This will make your organism to activate your metabolism and will wake you up.
  2. To have added some fiber and antioxidant to start slower your aging process just eat a couple pieces of fruits during your breakfast.
  3. To start receiving healthy carbohydrates eat spinach or lettuce to both - your lunch and your dinner.
  4. Adapt a habit to have a half of your plate filled with vegetables at dinner.
  5. Add to your meals products which are a source of proteins. Such products as cheese, eggs or yogurt. In combination with fiber, protein products will make you feeling full from your meals for more time.
  6. Don’t buy in supermarket what you see there, but have prepared the list of products you are going to buy and only purchase that one which you decide before shopping.
  7. Have a lunch or eat any snacks before shopping to prevent co-called impulsive purchases.
  8. Have a rule to read ingredients in nutrition facts and if you find one that you can’t to pronounce o can’t to recognize that could mean that this product is not for you. This way you could filter out the products with harmful additives substances.
  9. Start to use food intake tracking app such as FitClif or just normal paper journal. Tracking couple weeks your meals you will have a plenty amount of insights what you may doing wrong.
  10. Have a habit to include 20-25 grams of protein in each meal. The source of protein could be eggs, turkey or chicken.
  11. Do not fill yourself all time you are feeling hunger with hard to process food. To be prepared for the hungry time just bring snacks with you.

Workout and fitness habits

  1. Don’t spend time in bed after wake up.
  2. Have a rule to take your dog for a walk twice a day.
  3. Don’t use the elevator to take to your apartment - always use stairs without importance you are going up or down.
  4. When parking your car select the section which will take you more time to get to your destination. This way you will obligate yourself to burn couple calories in addition to your daily workout routine.
  5. Don’t seat all the time - apply 5 minutes of walking pauses each hour for working day. Having 5 minutes per hour you will get 40 hours of walking during your 8 hours working day.
  6. When standing in line don’t waste the time - do calf raises.
  7. Chair squats is required twice a day.
  8. Split your lunch into two parts - after eating a half take a time to go for a walk.
  9. Set the preference and organize walking meetings.
  10. Change the way of your socialization with other people. Instead in meeting your friends in cafe or restaurant - take your friend for a walk or bike riding.

General health habits

  1. Personal care is the key for your health - wash your hands frequently.
  2. Have a rule to sleep same time, 8 hours at least and try to go to the bed and wake up at the same hour every day of the week. Having the same routine for sleep while weekends as in working days.
  3. Always sit up strait to have a better blood flow to make your body receive the same portion of energy for each part.
  4. Meditations will help you to fight your stress. Take 5 minutes twice a day to relax and to concentrate your attention at something pleasant. Healthy person also must be happy.
  5. Breath deeply. The simple exercise is to hold your breathing for 5 seconds and to repeat this exercise twice a day with 5-10 sets.
  6. Turn off all your electronic devices for one hour before going to bed.
  7. Spray in your place the essence of pure lavender to better relaxation.
  8. Laugh as loud as you can - laughing stimulates your breathing, so it can be a fun exercise to make your feeling healthy.
  9. Always take a time for any thing you love to do - draw, sign or read.

As you could see, we just divided into three small groups - nutrition, fitness and health, simple things which you surely can add to your daily routine. There no some habits or exercises which require from you any kind of self sacrificing and even with no time for you and could be combined with your day to day duties with easy. But, following this simple rules every day you will improve your general health, will make your body stronger, will push up your life quality and will place a brick for your future goals and victories.