The benefits for your health of drinking lemon water

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  • 30 Apr, 2020
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The benefits for your health of drinking lemon water

There are many concepts of how your dieting should looks like and the best ways to start your day. Why start of the day? Because how you will start the day will sets the everything what will happen during it. That is in your hands if today is next amazing day of your life!

Just thinking about of philosophy behind your daily routine comes in mind that you is who will make a choice if you are building the resistance or going to tear it down. There are some daily rituals you will want to employ: take the dog for a walk, get the kids to the school, check out emails and trying to not to be late for work. But, what about your health and weight management program you’ve started past week? Let us add to your morning rituals one more thing - drinking warm water with lemon!

Doing so, is the most simple way to improve your health and below are the facts why:

The support for your general immune system

As you already know, the nature provides us with some fruits and vegetables which have a high concentration of different kinds of vitamins and other elements to benefit our health. And lemons have a great amount of vitamin C and potassium. What means that consuming lemons on regular basis will improve your general immune system in front of different potentially dangerous illnesses like flue and even last world scope pandemic - COVID19. Surely, lemons is not a panacea for any virus but will lower the possibility to fall into bed for a week. Potassium is the element with help to stimulate brain activity and will improve your blood pressure.

Lemons will help you to balance your organism pH. Really

That is very curios topic and without importance how incredible this sounds the answer is “yes”. That is why you feel so acidic with lemons, but inside your organism once metabolized citric acid becomes alkaline. And as you already know, an alkaline could be one of the keys to good health and wellness. Other examples of alkaline products could be spinach, broccoli, carrots, radish, onion and cucumbers. Proper pH level for your organism can vary but in general should be between 6.2 and 7.6.

Drinking warm water will lemon juice will improve your digestion

The truth about warm water is that it serves to stimulate your gastrointestinal tract. As well, lemons contains high level of minerals and will help to loose the toxins in the digestive tract.

Lemons and limes are your skin friends

Vitamin C is the antioxidant and helps you to combat aging. A glass of warm water with lemon each morning will help to keep your skin looking more smooth and glowing. As well, lemon will provide your organism with the ability to build the blocks for collagen production.

Your lymphatic system and water with lemons

Water with lemons will help you to be hydrated and to prevent adrenal fatigue. Because of lack of hydration the body will lack to function in the proper way which will potentially leads to issues with digestion, higher level of stress and toxic buildup. And having this kind of symptoms could result to adrenal fatigue. What is adrenals? That is two glands on top of kidneys which help to produce energy. As well this glands have another functions like hormones productions including aldosterone. Hormone called aldosterone help you stay hydrated by regulating the water level and the concentration of minerals inside your body.

Does the water temperature matter

The average temperature of the water you’re going to drink should be below 60 degrees Celsius and the reason of this are multiple studies among tee and coffee lovers. The curious fact is that drinking the liquids with the temperature over 60 degrees Celsius could increase the probability of getting esophageal cancer. Why not to drink cold water than? As well as very hot drinks, cold ones will also can damage your health. Too cold drinks could shock your organism rather than soothe it. The best recipe for your morning rituals with lemons could be a cup of water with the temperature between 40 and 50 degrees Celsius and with the juice from a half of organic lemon. Don’t forgot to carefully wash the lemon before using it to remove any pesticides that may have been sprayed on the fruit. While general rule for the temperature for any liquid intake is like called with the room temperature - from 25 to 33 degrees Celsius.

Maybe a teaspoon of honey

Sure! Another great recipe for your drinking lemon routine is apart of lemon juice to add into your water a teaspoon or two of high quality organic honey. What will bring honey in our case? All time in the humanity honey has been used not only as a food but also as a natural medicament. Honey contains several vitamins and minerals and virtually free from fat, fiber and proteins. In addition to lemons honey is rich in antioxidants. As well, could be used for diabetics as sweetener in small portions. Will improve your blood pressure and will reduce the risk of heart disease and will help you to maintain better levels of cholesterol. Another curious fact about honey is that it can help to suppress coughs in children. One is the common problems for kids with upper respiratory infections is coughing. As the result, these infections could lead to problems with sleep and decrease the general quality of the children as well as their parents. The curious fact is that while most of medications not always seems to be highly effective, honey could be a great alternative. Anyway, there many evidence which are indicates that consuming honey with this purposes are very effective - most of them found that it reduced cough symptoms and improved sleep of the patients. While honey is delicious you should to remember that it is still high in calories and contains sugar. So, make sure that honey you are going to consume is organic high quality and without any mixed syrup added, consuming it as more healthy alternative than traditional sugar.

As you could see, adding to your day to day routine a glass of water could really bring a lot of benefits for your health and bring a great tone for you during the day.