Meals with pausing for your health and intermittent fasting

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  • 28 Apr, 2020
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Meals with pausing for your health and intermittent fasting

The main idea behind is if it really make sense to take long pauses between your meals? Maybe, maybe not, let us dive into details. There are a lot of people asking if that work and if that is the time to take a notice about it.


Some studies showing that making long pauses between your meals leads to better and more accelerated weight loss rather than taking any other actions during your weight management program. That make sense because of the nature of the ways we are loosing our fat - and that is deficit of calories received. As well, limiting the amount and energy (represented in calories) makes dieting more easy and improves other important parts of your health - parts, like better blood glucose level, for example.

Having long pauses between meals have a simple idea behind - for a some period of time, established by your nutrition specialist of by yourself you just don’t eat anything. Having implemented your diet you brake your periods with fasting with receiving the meal.

Such kind of dieting becomes each day more popular while there nothing new from the start of the humanity - you never eat during sleeping time (right?) or during periods for other reasons like religion. There was many studies and researches in this area and one of the most famous tiered to modern century has been done in 1946. Research has been done by Carlson and Hoelzel which introduced such kind of dieting as Alternate Day Fasting. The research began in early 1940s with participation of rats and the experiment resulted into extended life span of the animals which has the diet ruled by the concepts described in our article.

There are many techniques which involve the concepts discovered by Carlson and Hoelzel and we are going to walk through the most effective ones and which gained the most popularity.

Alternate Day

Fasting based on Alternate Day is not different from any normal dieting period. Starting from the first day of the week you will start to take meals in usual 12 hours time period, let’s say that from 6 am till 6 pm. After that you will leave fasting for all night of the first day and whole day of the second. Starting to feed yourself on third day in the same time frame - 6 am till 6 pm. And repeating this meal circle the necessary amount of times. The important part is that the person of this kind of dieting plan is not limited to some specific food during meal period. In other words you don’t need to care about the amount of calories you will receive because you will divide the amount of energy received between 48 hours period where you will have 36 hours of fasting and just 12 hours of taking meal.

Skipping the meals

Next popular way of dieting with this program could be skipping the meals. So, basically you will have random periods without eating anything and will have the specific feeding cycle. But, in difference of Alternate Day program that will be important what is the amount of calories you will receive with your meals. That is the case when will work great such kind of diet as Paleo. Another point is that you will also need to skip randomly breakfast or dinner. Let’s say, today you will skip the breakfast tomorrow dinner and so on. Making your organism to adapt this randomly skipped meals and burn your fat as a compensation of your normal calories intake.

24 hours fasting

Another option for dieting is 24 hours fasting during the week. The idea behind is that you will receive your normal diet based on products with high amount of protein and low fat, but will have a 24 hours window per week just consuming water. That is flexible way and you can choose any 24 hours you want and for any day. Let’s say you can skip meals from Monday breakfast till Tuesday breakfast. Or dinner to dinner - you will decide what will work best for you.

Lean gains

Other diet rules we are going to walk through is lean gains. This rules are based on different time frame from previous ones and looks like the following - 8 hours for meal and 16 hour without eating anything. As with the case of skipping meals that is matter what you are eating and what is the amount of calories you will receive during feeding hours. This kind of diet must include the products which have a high amount of protein, should include training and you must take care about timing - having the most amount of your meal after workouts.

Warrior Diet

The diet called Warrior Diet includes light eating period and the time divided in 4 hours taking meal and 20 hours of fasting. Working out during using this diet plan should happen in fasting period and feeding time at the end of the day. Each day you will repeat the cycle.

You may asking yourself if there confirmed benefit of Intermittent Fasting? The answer is that there the need in more studies, because nobody can say with definition that this kind of dieting is more beneficial that other common types of diet.

As showing the results of actual research having pauses in feeding may reduce blood lipids, stabilize your blood pressure and even decrease lymphoma but still in animals. Other strong points are indication of growth of metabolic rate and better hormone release. So, as the result this lead to better maintenance of lower fat and more accelerated fat loss.

Result based on sex

Do the effects of fasting makes the difference between sex of the dieting person? The curious thing is that the benefits are differ between men and women. The results showing that women rise HDL-C and men have no any change in this indicator. Great to have in account that the vast majority of research has been done with the participation of male. That mean the need of additional studies to strongly decide about the real effect based on sex-specifics.

How to combine your current workout program with fasting? Should you eat before training or after? There are different view to this topic and health specialists who promote this kind of dieting takes different positions, but let us try to think about the benefits of both.

Research shows that ingesting carbohydrates makes lower fat oxidation and bettering lipid metabolism when training after meal intake rather than during fasting. This mean that eating before training will indicate the amount of fat you could burn during exercises, which might be not what looking for the people who want to loose fat. But, the truth is that taking meal before gym will result in better performance during workout and will decrease the use of body fat.

Good to remember that important part is that overall day balance of fat but not the immediate results after training. As the result, the choice is for you how you are going to train - in fasting state or in fed state depending on your wish and goals.


The conclusion about the pros and cons of fasting is that it surely can bring good results for body fat loss and improve your health as well as other types of dieting. The best way to find the best diet which work for you is to try different and than decide which will result in better effect for your body type and health specifics.