Save hundreds of dollars using supplements which really work!

FitClif app is your knowledge data base to help you gain best results during your sport routine, weight management program or just a general health improvement. Save time and money using supplements which drive real results and backed with proved customer history and scientific research.

App Features

We provide our users with the precise information and best tools available today in the industry.

Large Database

We collect and analyze the data for more than 5000+ supplements from leading manufacturers.

Artificial Intelligence

Smart form to accumulate, process and to provide the user with the information needed.

Open Marketplace

The ability to offer your professional services and to generate leads within the platform.

Report Generation

Generating of professional looking reports and marketing materials, meal plans and gym routines.

When making choose between supplements what your decision based on? Is that just a weighted decision or influence of the marketing campaigns of the manufacturers to lead you to buy what you really don't need.

So, how to orient yourself among decent quantity of offered supplements and weight management products to buy what you really need not what someone want to sell? There are a lot of supplements available today at the market and FitClif aimed to follow, accumulate the data and analyze more that 5000 of them to provide our users with simple set of indicators to evaluate rapidly the real potential and real value for your health.

As an example of marketing practice which resulted into poor customer experience and huge amount of sales would be glutamine, amino acid which was promoted with the claim to push your muscle mass by 300%. And that claims was based on studies by third party laboratory. Wait, the truth is that it works as claimed, but glutamine must be injected directly into cells. Is that possible? So, surely the claims and the real results are absolutely different.

So, instead of following the army of the customers which are basing their decisions on manufacturer marketing campaigns great to educate yourself to get the idea about which supplements are exactly for you and which will never bring you any results in the best case and that will be just your money lost. And this is the task of to bring this information in a simple way and in shortest possible time frame.

FitClif is not affiliated with any manufacturer of supplements or products for weight management and we are basing our indexes on automatic research using artificial intelligence and technology available today. Right! We are not going to bother you with long texts, guides and encyclopedias. That is past century and we aim to provide the simple, effective and fast way how to know instantly what you really need without any privileges for any brand.

As a base of any evaluation and most effective indicator we surely can count the real consumer experience so that is how was born the FitClif Customer Satisfaction Rate (FCSR shortly). The rank is based on proprietary algorithm to calculate the weighted index of different parameters provided from product evaluation of different marketplace channels and dedicated polls. We can't to give an exact formula of the calculation to remain without the ability to manually increase or decrease the rate.

Based on this we assure our users of getting pure truthful information without any doubt. The artificial intelligence model is changing over time improving the result and bettering the overall algorithm behaviour. Our main goals and interests are purely scincific and with the idea to provide the users with latest and best recommendations for their health.